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Warwick Smells Again!

The University of Warwick has one of the most famous smell research groups in the world. This group; founded in 1971, has pioneered several new areas of smell science. Some of the current ‘visionary’ smell projects at Warwick are described below.

Dr James Covington, the Director of the Warwick Olfaction Research Group (WORG); is making some of the most advanced e-Noses in the world. The first e-Noses came from the University of Warwick in the early 1980s.
Prof Alan Chalmers; working in the renowned Warwick Manufacturing Group founded by Prof Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya KB CBE; is incorporating aromas into his visionary multi-sensory 21st century project on – ‘Real Virtuality’. Soon you will be able to experience smells as you watch a play on your TV.
Prof Sudhesh Kumar of the new Warwick Medical School has a special interest in obesity and is investigating the role of the sense of smell in this condition. Scientific aroma formulations can help curb or control appetite – without side effects – and along with a balanced diet and lifestyle – the aroma approach can help with the world-wide obesity epidemic.
Dr George Dodd; the founder of WORG; is using a combination of his perfumery and aroma-science skills to invent new types of perfumes with strong positive mood effects. He has created an ‘up-feeling’ mood perfume for WSD 10 . (photo – collecting whin blossom)

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How easily happiness begins by
dicing onions. A lump of sweet butter
slithers and swirls across the floor
of the sauté pan, especially if its
errant path crosses a tiny slick
of olive oil. Then a tumble of onions.
This is the best domestic perfume.
You sit down to eat with a rumor
of onions still on your twice-washed
hands and lift to your mouth a hint
of a story about loam and usual
endurance. It’s there when you clean up
and rinse the wine glasses and make
a joke, and you leave the minutest
whiff of it on the light switch,
later, when you climb the stairs,
(William Matthews)
[I have been to remote Dogon villages in Mali; where their staple food is onions; to test their sense of smell]

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